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THE PROBLEM: Fleas are parasitic insects harmful to both humans and pets. They are hematophagous, that is they feed exclusively on blood. The presence of a flea-infested animal contaminates all spaces to which it has access, including the cracks of walls and floors, on rugs, carpets or simply in dusty corners. For each flea present on the host, there are hundreds of eggs, larvae, pupae and young adults dispersed in the immediate surroundings. Fleas do not spare humans, and although it isn’t nice to know that our blood becomes their meal, usually the consequences are limited to allergic dermatitis. However, if the fleas are infected, they can transmit serious diseases. For example, according to a CDC report (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the last few months a sizeable number of people contracted bubonic plague due to fleas infected by the Yersinia pestis bacterium (CNN, October 22, 2015.)

OUR SOLUTION: Our innovative liquid nitrogen treatment is a 100% natural flea control method. It ensures the resolution of the problem in an eco-friendly, effective, convenient and conclusive way without using toxic pesticides.
Eco-friendly because nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air we breathe, and it has long been used successfully in the food industry and even in surgery. Liquid nitrogen based pest control means we can operate without using toxic pesticides.
Effective because liquid nitrogen reaches the temperature of 240 degrees below zero (-240°F) causing a cryogenic burn that leaves no way out to both fleas and their eggs. Most traditional pest control companies use dry steam, but dry steam alone cannot reach all the crevices where fleas hide and therefore very soon the problem resurfaces.
Convenient because there is no need to dispose of infested furniture, and since liquid nitrogen does not leave any residue, the treated area is immediately fit to live in, with no smell whatsoever and a toxicity level amounting to zero. In addition, the cryogenic burn caused by liquid nitrogen does not damage in any way furniture and fittings.
Conclusive because liquid nitrogen eliminates in one go both fleas and their eggs. On the contrary, with chemical pesticides used by most non-ecofriendly pest control companies, eggs survive and after hatching the problem re-emerges worsened by the fact that the new generations of fleas develop resistance to pesticides.

AVOID: The common domestic spray products generally utilized in animal kennels and other places described above are toxic, especially if you consider that these insecticides maintain a residual effect; furthermore these chemicals do not eliminate eggs.

CONCLUSION Our treatments are effective, convenient, completely eco-friendly, do not need any advance preparation of the areas to be treated, your house or apartment will not be messed up, and you will not need to dispose of anything in that all infested object will be sanitized and recovered. Get in touch with us, we will be delighted to provide you with a free estimate without any obligation on your part. Remember: your satisfaction is our pride!

Your privacy is important to us. We will NEVER sell your Personal Information to third parties. As regards our services, our vehicles do not carry bed bug signage, our liquid nitrogen freezing treatments do not require any advance preparation and our visits are short and discreet.
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